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[IPp] Re: right to test in classroom

Hi Cindy,

Just in case you want to pursue this avenue...when Noah started high 
school, the nurse said there was a law that prevented him from being 
able to test anywhere but the nurse's office due to contamination.  I 
asked her for the specific law and then called our state health 
department and asked them about the issue.  They said the law didn't 
pertain to blood glucose testing, that blood glucose testing was not 
considered to be a risk for ANYTHING or ANYONE.  They also went on to 
say there was no state mandate on disposal of test strips.  The state 
department simply didn't recognize diabetes bg testing to be a health 
concern for anyone.  When I went back to the nurse with this 
information, I never heard another word from her on the subject.  You 
may want to contact your state department of health (they can refer 
you to the correct sub-division office) so you are prepared in case 
the school district tries to throw a law at you that doesn't apply to 
diabetics.  You could even give the superintendent the contact person 
and his/her phone number so he can verify the information.

Someone had stated their school will not allow teachers/aides to 
oversee bg testing for fear of blood contact...that teachers/aides 
were not allowed to be exposed to blood.  This is just a policy the 
school district has adopted, one that certainly wouldn't hold up in 
the eyes of the law.

On another subject, I totally agree with Beverly about not signing an 
agreement/plan I didn't agree with to appease the higher-ups and then 
rely on a verbal contract with the principle.  Too risky.  Plus, if 
you stick to your guns and get your daughter the care she deserves 
and has a right to, you have paved the way for others who will follow 
in your foot steps...and helped educate school administrators in the 
process.  A win-win situation for everyone!

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah
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