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[IPp] Cadex Watch

Anyone know if the watch is waterproof.  The price on the watch is 
My son just a letter saying he won a free watch called the MDwatch. which has 
a micro chip in it that stores all the medical information and at the push of 
a button it sends out the health info to doctors and in an emergency the 
hospital can take info from the watch to find out what the patient has, how 
much insulin he takes, emergency contact numbers, etc. I think this will be 
more for when he is an adult, since it has a stainless steel band.  It is 
also waterproof but does not have alarms to remind to test and stuff.  We 
went to a Diabetes Expo a few months back and entered the raffle to win and 
we did!   The website to check it out is www.mdwatch.net
Just thought I'd share.
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