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Re: [IPp] BG testing and a response

Dear Marie,

I understand that totally.....had to get a grip last year....lol.  I have
not said anything about the "avoiding" issue to anyone but you guys
because I know you all have been there at one point or another if you
have ever had to deal with a school system, and a problem.  I know this
"iron wall" like the back of my hand now, and he is basically just
ignorant and needs to get the facts.  I believe he is somewhat aware of
this, therefor avoiding me is better than learning something new and
expanding his way of thinking.  I will be patient though, because I know
what my ultimate goal is, and that is Jessy being healthy and closely
monitoring her blood sugars with as little disruption as possible to her
and the class.  I won't forget the true meaning of this goal, I am
tennacious!!!!  Iam a mother with a mission!!!!  I will be
victorious!!!!  lol


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email @ redacted >To:
email @ redacted >Subject: Re: [IPp] BG testing and
a response >Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 13:22:28 EDT > >In a message dated
7/24/2002 8:59:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time, >email @ redacted writes:
> > > > my e > > mail came back to me undeliverable, I called and the e
mail adress is > > correct, > >True, it sounds like he may be avoiding
you, but mail comes back as >undeliverable for many reasons, such as
perhaps a full mailbox.....?? > >Because of the emotional nature of what
you are going through, pick your >battles wisely. If you call them for
*every* thing, they will write you off >as "emotional". To help your
daughter best, you have to present your case in >the most professional,
business-like way that you can. This is *hard* to do, >because you love
your child, and you *are* emotionally invested, BUT, if you >want them to
respond favorably, you have to prove yourself as someone they >can work
with. Just as we do with our children, you must pick your battles
>wisely. > >I completely feel for you and it must be hard! I admire you
for what you are >doing, but I just wanted to offer this advice, simply
because they *are* >watching you and looking for reasons to write you
off....don't give them one! > >Warmly, > >Marie :) >Mom to Nikkolas
(Nikko) 7/98 >Dx'd 3/01
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