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[IPp] RE: Unsubsribe me

email @ redacted
Subject: [IPp] please unsubscribe 

Please do not unsubsribe.  I apologized in a later
post, I really was frustrated at the time I wrote this
first post in reply to yours.  I was wrong and I
admitted it and I am sorry if I said anything that
upset you.  We need you here, in fact, I need you
here.  After I got over being frustrated some if not
all that you said helped me!

I havent got a big support system going--I think that
is why I wrote that first email.  I can do no more
than I have already done.  I am truly sorry and
apologize for anything I wrote that upset anyone.  

I am just ready for the whole incident to be done
with.  I am tired of dealing with it and I am sure
others are tired of hearing about it.  Please don't
subscribe and let's just go on and act like I did not
make the mistake of writing the email.  Please forget
anything I said.

Thank you,

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