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RE: [IPp] varying bg #s

>>>Sometimes the number can vary using the same
>>>finger up to 40 or more
>>>points.........that's a big difference when your
>>>trying to figure out

Hi Chris,
We just happened to talk about this last week.  I asked the list if anyone
had any trouble with the one touch ultra in regards to accurate high
readings.  I was getting a difference of 60 or 80 points sometimes, on the
same finger, which made a big difference in her correction bolus!  I got a
very interesting response from one parent (was it you, Allison?) and her
conversation with lifescan customer service.  Apparently they responded that
for FDA approval, the variance can be as much as 20%.  So if, for example,
she received a 350 reading and we take it again, it could actually be
anywhere between 420 and 280 and still be legal!  She got them to send her a
new meter and returned her old one, to be on the safe side.  Im thinking of
doing the same.  I think we need to make these meter companies more aware
that 20% just doesnt cut it for pump kids.

Angela, mom to Ashley, 4 (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 20 mo.
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