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Re: [IPp] BG testing and a response

Dear Beverly.
  VENT....VENT....and VENT some more.  I find this all utterly ridiculous to 
begin with.  The problems I went through last year with the school nurse 
would make your blood curdle.  This year, there is a new nurse, a wonderful 
woman, whose daughter was actually in my daughters class last year, who 
truely cares about Jessica.  I am so relieved with that issue.  The only 
person I have to convince, is the superintendent, everyone else agrees that 
Jessy should test in the classroom.  Why does the ignorance of one person 
make life so miserable for everyone else?  Just like you said, instead of 
reading up on the information, that we provide for them, they choose to be 
an "iron wall" of ignorance.  Hey wait a minute.......Isn't Ignorance bliss? 
  Kind of scary to have that sort of ignorance in the helm of my childs 
Thanks for letting me vent, too.
P.S.  The iron wall has blocked my e mails, and won't return my phone 
calls.....how much more fun can this get?  I haven't even e mailed him or 
called him (until now) since the end of the school year, and I wasn't even 
persistent at that time......I am taking deep breaths here, and smiling that 
I could have such an effect on a big man....lol.

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>Subject: Re: [IPp] BG testing and a response
>Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 08:46:52 EDT
>In a message dated 7/24/02 7:41:36 AM Central Daylight Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
> > Gee wiz, why can't this just be easy?  Why does it have to be so hard to
> > convince a school to just let a kid test their sugars quietly at their
> > desk,
> > especially since ALL the waste will be brought home to disposed of
> > properly,
> > not even in the school waste basket.
> >   I am so CONFUSED!
> >
>I keep asking myself this question in our situation.....all I want is safe
>care for my daughter and I would like these folks to READ for themselves
>instead of relying on others for perverted information....oh well, waiting 
>hear from school board guy and attorney.....poor kids, like they don't have
>enough to handle and Mary wants to be at school like other kids.....just
>Beverly, Mom to Mary, NINE!!, dx'd 9/97, pumping, and Nick, who is now ten!
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