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Re: [IPp] To all the grandparents out there

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for the advice.  Yes, Tian does live with me.  We have been taking
one day at a time since she was dx'd.  Things went really well today.  Tian
was a little trooper for her first site.  She says that it is hurting her a
little bit, but she's fine otherwise.  She has to go to the hospital on
Thurs. to switch to insulin.  She stays there for 23 hours.  They said today
that they will be putting a line in her when she gets there.  We told them
no, that she did not need that.  I don't think she needs to be in the
hospital for 23 hours either, but we fought for a year to get the pump from
her dr. that we will humor him-ha ha.  Anyway, things today are good, and
hopefully tomorrow will be too.  Thanks for the good thoughts.
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> I too found this thread hitting a beat with me.  I am
> am not even Megan's stepmomh(her dad and I have not
> yet married--do to finances)but NO ONE in her family
> really wants to keep her overnight.  Her mom gets her
> every once in a while for a few hours.  She has never
> asked me anything about how the pump works or
> anything.
> Jim was driving an 18 wheeler when we went to learn
> about using the pump and he was on the road, so he was
> unable to go.  He has since started his own business
> just so he can be home to help me--which has been a
> God send!  His mother has offered to take care of
> Megan, but she knows nothing about the pump.(Megan
> will be going there for a few days, with orders to
> call me if anything happens!)I have only been apart
> from Megan 1 week (thank god for diabetes camp)since
> December.  I love her to death but Type 1 Diabetes and
> the pump are really stressful.  And I really need a
> break every once in a while!  Jim and I have not been
> out since Dec. alone. (he was on the road while she
> was at camp).
> Megan's sister in law scared me to death when she said
> I let her brother take care of those diabetes
> things--it's his sister!  Then I asked him how he
> handled her being there, he said well she does it all
> herself, I really don't know anything!  Sooo....you
> guessed it I get the rap of being the bad person cause
> I don't really want her going for more than a few
> hours!
> Nancy, My understanding of your post may be wrong but
> your grandchild lives with you, is that right.  If so,
> don't be scared just handled everything one thing at a
> time.  Learn all you can, and just deal with 1 problem
> at a time.  This is the only way, I am able to cope.
> Sorry everyone for such a negative post, just needed
> to sound off.  I am glad that there are families that
> are getting help, but except for Jim, it is like
> everyone kinda just expects me to do it.  I guess
> because Megan was so out of control and now she is
> doing so much better they think I am the only one with
> the "midas" touch. lol boy are they wrong!
> Wendy
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