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[IPp] Fwd: Testing blood sugars in the classroom

Please tell me what you think of this letter that I e mailed to the iron 
wall of not testing blood sugars in the classroom.

>From: "Cindy Lattimer" <email @ redacted>
>To: email @ redacted
>CC: email @ redacted
>Subject: Testing blood sugars in the classroom
>Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 15:45:20 -0400
>Dear Mr. McCartney,
>  I feel that it is in my daughter, Jessica Lattimer's, best interest for 
>her overall health and mental well being to check her blood sugar levels in 
>the classroom.  You will be receiving a letter from The Children's Hospital 
>of Philadelphia supporting my decision in this matter.
>  On the average day, Jessica will need to check her blood sugars before 
>lunch, 2 hours after lunch, before strenuous activities such as gym, and 
>after strenuous activities, before she goes home on the school bus, and 
>when she is not feeling well, grumpy, tired or sick.  This is more frequent 
>than last year because she is on insulin pump therapy now which requires 
>much tighter control.  Taking all this time out of the classroom does not 
>allow her to be normal.  Being forced to go out of the classroom to test 
>her blood sugars violates her rights under the Americans with Diabetes Act, 
>and her civil rights as an American.
>  If Jessica's blood sugars are out of range, under 80 or over 240, I feel 
>that she will need to go to the nurse, escorted by a responsible adult to 
>be treated accordingly with a plan already set up from CHOP and her 504 
>plan, however when her blood sugars are in range there is absolutely no 
>reason to make Jessica feel abnormal and force her to miss precious 
>classroom instruction time.  A plan can be worked out to make sure that it 
>does not disrupt classroom activities, and that waste is disposed of 
>  After speaking with doctors, both at CHOP and elsewhere, other parents, 
>both with diabetic children and without, and Jessica herself, I feel that 
>it is in her best interest to pursue this matter to its fullest to protect 
>Jessica's rights.
>  I will thank you in advance for your full support and entire cooperation 
>in this matter.
>Cynthia Lattimer

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