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Re: [IPp] testing in the classroom

> I am busy writing up a 504 plan for Emily's 5th grade year and am trying
> let her have more independence with her testing, since next year is middle
> school, and she will definitely need to have it then.  My questions for
> of you who test in the classroom are this:
> 1. Do you have your child report it to the nurse?
> 2. How often a day do you test?(post-meal? or just lunch?)
> 3.When low, does your child report to the nurse, or just treat and
> Emily does treat and test right now for lows in the class, but, then goes
> the nurse, and sits for 15-20 min.(The school is very large, 1600
> and the nurses office is a long ways away.)
> Last year, the school was very cooperative, but, the nurse took alot on
> herself.(Which I appreciated) Now, we are moving for a little more
> independence.
> Any thoughts or suggestions on this, I would greatly appreciate!
> Jeanne Stahlman
> Mom of Emily, 10, dx'd 9-11-01, pumping since 2/02


If your daughter is responsible enough, I would have her test in the
classroom.  Also, I was told by my CDE that it's safer to treat low in class
then have them walk to the nurse's office.  I had a hard time with that part
though.  The teachers kept telling him to go see the nurse when low even
though they had carbs (that I provided) in the classroom.
My son tests midmorning, prelunch, mid afternoon, before and after PE, and
anytime he feels low.

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