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Re: [IPp] To all the grandparents out there

> You are very lucky Cindy.  Once Jon was diagnosed with diabetes, he
suddenly was
> (and is) left out of everything to do with any relative.  Actually, it is
> my friends who bother to learn a thing.  We have two people who we can
trust to
> leave Jon with, our babysitter and a neighbour.  Although neigher one of
> can change an infussion so we can never be too far away.
> We tried for over a year to educate one of the Grandmas (who is my
husbands Mom,
> lives *right* next door) but she still cannot wrap her brain around the
> that un-sweetened apple juice has sugar in it.  She thinks that
> means sugar-free.  The dietitian and nurse I work with have explained it
to her
> many times but she just doesn't get it.  Maybe a fear of low?
> My husband and I are very tired of never having a break from the kids.  I
> we get a break from some of the kids, but then, Jon is always with us.  I
> that some of the other kids (our middle daughter especially - 11) is
starting to
> resent him for it.  She says she understands but I dont think she really
> We're off to a wedding in October in San Fransisco and I guess we'll have
> take Jon with us.  Oh well.


Just wanted you to know, you're not alone.  When my son was first dx, over a
year ago, my mother-in-law said "I'll have to learn this stuff".  Well
that's as far as it's gotten, with her and her son (my husband).  Their
position is:  Devin, my son, needs to be responsible for this on his own.
Due to his being ADHD and having some learning difficulties, I have to
oversee and stay on top of things, but he does pretty well.
Soon after dx I let him go to a baseball game with his father.  His father
didn't think to check his BG until after he drank the large Root Beer!  It's
common for me to get phone calls whenever they go anywhere without me,
though less now that my son knows what to do.  But, being a kid, he
sometimes forgets.  Unfortunately, I can't rely on anyone else remembering,
except me.  I understand about never being able to go away without him.  My
husband has 2 plane tickets, he got as a gift, and we don't know what to do
with them.  My husband suggested taking Devin somewhere, and I'm like "no
way, would I trust him alone in your care for any length of time".  But the
two of us can't use them either because it would mean leaving Devin home
without me.  So, maybe my husband will go on vacation on his own, again?

I understand your other daughter's resentment.  My daughter (16) feels alot
of resentment towards her brother, not so much because of the diabetes, but
from dealing with the ADHD.

I you find a solution to "getting away", let me know.

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