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Re: [IPp] To all the grandparents out there

Beverly et al:
       This is always a heart-wrenching thread...be it the reaction (or lack 
of same) from grandparents, the simmering resentment of siblings, the 
feelings we all bear stoically from NOT having that unconditional support 
from people we'd have expected to support us....sigh
      A mom once told me that her son looked up one day & said "why don't 
grandmom & grandpop ever let me stay overnight, but they do let my 9 cousins 
stay there?"....The only feasible solution I've found for these difficult 
scenarios is simply honesty: explaining to your other children & to the one 
with diabetes that people are afraid of things that aren't familiar & that 
rather than take the time to learn, they'd sooner avoid something that makes 
them feel uncomfortable or inept. My 21 yr old still refers to her sister as 
"goody 2 shoes", because in her mind's eye, Melissa always had an "excuse" 
for whatever she was doing- I'd say she was too low, too high, too this, too 
that.....whereas big sister got blamed for "everything" (mean Mommy!)
     However, in my 10 years of journeying through Diabetes-land, this is the 
first time I ever stopped to think about your mother's reaction: she resents 
the type of care Mary has and that it didn't come into being in time to help 
her son and she won't go past it.........
......her feelings are VERY legitimate, even though they're NOT helping Mary 
or you.....but thanks for sharing yet another facet of diabetes.....
Renee (pump mom to Melissa..dxd 'at 9 in 1992)
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