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Re: [IPp] To all the grandparents out there

Thank you Susan.....I do know how lucky I am to have such a great family.  
My grandmother (who has also helped me with the other 2 when I was at CHOP) 
was a nurse for over 60 years....and she still doesn't get the carb 
issue.....can't think "new".  She doesn't watch Jessy though, so I just play 
along with her.  My parents are still young and energetic enough to take 
this on with vim.  I give them a lot of credit, and I appreciate them 
greatly.  It really is a shame that we don't all live nearby to help each 
other all out when we need these breaks.

>From: Susan Borkowsky <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IPp] To all the grandparents out there
>Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2002 08:08:51 -0500
>You are very lucky Cindy.  Once Jon was diagnosed with diabetes, he 
>suddenly was
>(and is) left out of everything to do with any relative.  Actually, it is 
>my friends who bother to learn a thing.  We have two people who we can 
>trust to
>leave Jon with, our babysitter and a neighbour.  Although neigher one of 
>can change an infussion so we can never be too far away.
>We tried for over a year to educate one of the Grandmas (who is my husbands 
>lives *right* next door) but she still cannot wrap her brain around the 
>that un-sweetened apple juice has sugar in it.  She thinks that 
>means sugar-free.  The dietitian and nurse I work with have explained it to 
>many times but she just doesn't get it.  Maybe a fear of low?  
>My husband and I are very tired of never having a break from the kids.  I 
>we get a break from some of the kids, but then, Jon is always with us.  I 
>that some of the other kids (our middle daughter especially - 11) is 
>starting to
>resent him for it.  She says she understands but I dont think she really 
>We're off to a wedding in October in San Fransisco and I guess we'll have 
>take Jon with us.  Oh well.
>My point here Cindy, was, count your blessings.  You're very lucky.
>Cindy Lattimer wrote:
> > Dear Grandparents to pumpers and soon to be pumpers,
> >   I think it is wonderful that you help out with your grandchildren and 
> > the time to learn about pumping and carbs, etc.....  It has been a long 
> > months for us.....Jessy was diagnosed in January, and we put her on the 
> > a month ago.  I don't know what I would have done without my parents, 
>and my
> > grandmother, too!  My parents go to support group meetings with us, and 
> > it their business to learn all they can about diabetes.  My parents 
> > take the kids overnights most weekends, and don't let Jessy having 
> > slow them down.  Jessy would be lost without them.  My mother calls me
> > frequently about carbs and bolusing, and although she is quite capable 
> > doing it on her own, feels better when I tell her what to do, and that 
> > fine with me.  Last weekend, she even changed a site on her own, via 
>step by
> > step instruction over the phone.  She said she was weak in the knees, 
> > she did a great job with Jessy's and my help.
> >   I have to tell you, that it is so important to the children to not 
> > seeing the grandparents because of diabetes.  Learn, do, be involved.  I
> > really don't know where I would be with out my family and their awesome
> > support.
> >   Thanks to all you grandparents out there for a job well done.
> > Cindy, mom to Jessy 8, Julie 3 (non diab.) and Trevor 1 (non diab.)
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