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[IPp] To all the grandparents out there

Dear Grandparents to pumpers and soon to be pumpers,
  I think it is wonderful that you help out with your grandchildren and take 
the time to learn about pumping and carbs, etc.....  It has been a long 6 
months for us.....Jessy was diagnosed in January, and we put her on the pump 
a month ago.  I don't know what I would have done without my parents, and my 
grandmother, too!  My parents go to support group meetings with us, and make 
it their business to learn all they can about diabetes.  My parents still 
take the kids overnights most weekends, and don't let Jessy having diabetes 
slow them down.  Jessy would be lost without them.  My mother calls me 
frequently about carbs and bolusing, and although she is quite capable of 
doing it on her own, feels better when I tell her what to do, and that is 
fine with me.  Last weekend, she even changed a site on her own, via step by 
step instruction over the phone.  She said she was weak in the knees, but 
she did a great job with Jessy's and my help.
  I have to tell you, that it is so important to the children to not change 
seeing the grandparents because of diabetes.  Learn, do, be involved.  I 
really don't know where I would be with out my family and their awesome 
  Thanks to all you grandparents out there for a job well done.
Cindy, mom to Jessy 8, Julie 3 (non diab.) and Trevor 1 (non diab.)

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