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Re: [IPp] New to List

In a message dated 7/22/2002 6:08:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Any
> words of encouragement would be great.. 

Hi Nancy!

I think it's phenomenal that you are doing this for your granddaughter.  I 
know many grandparents are very nervous about this kind of thing.  As in love 
as she is with my son, my mom really has a hard time with the medical issues, 
and has made it clear that she just can't stomach it.  However, with 
familiarity, she is seeing more and more of the care that my son is doing for 
himself (he's four and just started checking his own blood sugar...he starts 
the pump a week from now).

We got a book from our trainer for grandparents (and other caregivers) called 
Pumper in the House.  I'm hoping that now that my son will be on a pump, it 
will be easier for her to feel comfortable caring for him.

I, too, tried a set on, and I am so proud of my son for tolerating all the 
pokes so well thus far on shots.  He's an absolute trouper about it, and I'm 
sure your granddaughter will be too.  Our trainer gave us a sample of the the 
Ela-max cream (available over the counter).  As most people on this list have 
stated, you really don't need it after the first few times.  I didn't use it 
on myself when I tried the pump on this afternoon, but I may use it on my son 
the first couple of times until I get my technique down to minimize the pain. 
 She also suggested doing it manually, insead of the Sil-Serter, and I have 
to admit, I did think it was better that way as the serter is big & makes a 
loud noise!

Best wishes...we're here for you!


Marie  :)
Mom to Nikkolas (Nikko) 7/98
Dx'd 3/01
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