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[IPp] New Therasense Handspring PDA & water issues

Hi everyone, I'm kind of behind reading the POP, I don't post very often, just
read. My son Adam who is 6 1/2, has been on the Minimed 508 for 2 1/2 years.
In regards to the mom that was disconnecting all the time to go through
sprinklers, etc. what we do it put his pump in a plastic baggie, and put a
twist tie to secure. It will keep it dry if the kids are spraying each other
with the hose, riding bikes through sprinkers, etc. He has also dropped it in
the toilet twice, gone in the tub with it on, and jumped in the pool, and it
has been ok every time. The first time we panicked, and ran self-tests, and
called Minimed, but it worked fine. We always run self-tests on it after
something like this, just to make sure.

Also, I was on the Therasense website the other day, they make the Freestyle
meter, and they are selling the Handspring Visor with their own diabetes
management software, and also a plug in port for the Handspring that makes the
handspring into a glucometer - using the same Freestyle strips. Is that cool
!!! Its called the Freestyle Tracker.

Also, for you Canadian moms, the Freestyle is now available in Canada

Check out www.therasense.com

Thanks, Linda, mom to Adam, 6 1/2, diagnosed at 22 months, and Jenna, 4 1/2,
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