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Re: [IPp] help convincing endo

Dear Renee,
  I actually live an hour from Philly, near Sea Isle City.  We go to CHOP 
because it is the best hospital.  I wasn't aware that Jessy had been posted 
as the youngest pump user there (she is 8, so it must have been her)  Dr. 
Atler saw her when she was first diagnosed, however, Dr. Rossi has been her 
"permanent" Doc since.  The day we went to get on the pump, actually start 
using the insulin instead of the saline.....the first day of the rest of our 
lives.....I told them that I was so afraid they were going to say no when I 
initially approached them because they have a reputation for not putting 
kids on it until they are 12.  They laughed.  I figure, it doesn't matter 
the age, but the knowledge.  I do know another woman in a support group I go 
to who left CHOP and went to DuPont in De. because CHOP refused to put her 6 
year old on the pump.  Personally, after what I experienced, I think there 
must have been a good reason for them to turn her down.  My 8 year old had 
only been diagnosed for 6 months, and they told me yes right away....I am 
convinced it is because of the knowledge that all of you bestowed upon me.
  Let me know about that group.  I am very interested.  It is always nice to 
be around people who understand and know right where you are coming from.

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>Subject: Re: [IPp] help convincing endo
>Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 19:40:25 EDT
>     I just checked out the Phila region pro-pump doctors & saw your 
>said "youngest known patient 8 yrs old". Dr Craig Alter at CHOP recently
>started a two year old boy on a pump after the mom ( who had also done her
>research like you) told him if he refused, she'd find someone else who'd do
>it!! LOL...Never mess with a motivated Mom!!
>     Also, if you're near Phila, we have an extensive Moms Brunch Bunch
>network/outreach listing that you may want to join.
>Renee (pump mom to Melissa, dx'd at age 9 in 1992)
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