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[IPp] Home A1c Testing

We've been wanting to be able to do home A1c testing on the months when we 
don't go into the endo (no I'm not ultra obsessive -- it's just I feel like 
with all the weird hormone stuff that's happening at times I want to know 
what we might be missing with only quarterly A1cs).  

As I wrote before, we tried the A1c Now kit but were dissatisfied with it's 
acceptable variance of 1.5 points against lab a1c results (i.e. an actual a1c 
of 6.5 was permitted to be reported byt the kit as anywhere from 5.0 to 8.0 
and still be within "acceptable" accuracy for the test).  

In the July issue of Diabetes Interview (page 22) I read about the new 
Accubase A1c home testing kit getting FDA approval and wrote to  them about 
their acceptable variance ranges.  This kit is different than in A1c Now kit 
because you merely collect the sample at home  and send it into them for 
analysis (which I presume is why they are able to offer a MUCH more accurate 
test result than the A1c Now kit).  Here is what their (very prompt) reponse 
to my inquiry was:  
Subj:    Response
Date:   7/22/2002 5:57:21 PM Mountain Daylight Time
From:   email @ redacted (Arthur Williams)
To: email @ redacted

Dear Lyndy:

Thank you for your personal observation concerning the A1c Now and its cv's.  
Our test, the AccuBase A1c Test has a linear variance of .66%.  We currently 
have the only Level 1 NGSP certified method and laboratory. We would be 
pleased to provide you a copy of our extensive clinical tral data as well as 
our current cv's.  The AccuBase name stands for accuracy based testing.  To 
my knowledge there is no more accurate test available from any source than 
the AccuBase A1c Test.  This is the exact method that was used in the DCCT.  
The company started in 1992 and was the first ever home collected test (even 
before AIDS  testing).  We would be delighted to further discuss our company 
and our products with you.  As you can see, a cv of 5.8% compared to a .66% 
cv is dramatic. Our phone number is 888.872.2443, please give me a call.

Art Williams
Chief Scientific Officer
I think we're going to try this one out .  .  . If you''re interested in 
finding out more, here is their web site:  www.diabetestechnologies.com

Pumpmama to Katie
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