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Re: [IPp] Palm Pilot

> Carol.
> I am happy to report that I just purchased a Handspring Visor and will be
> downloading the EzManager software as soon as it is fully charged. Approx.
> min.  I got such a deal too. It was on sale for $141, but someone bought
> last night and returned it this morning for a personal reason and so the
> store gave it to me for $119.  They check the whole thing over before
> it again and I was able to get a two yr extended warranty on top of the
> manufacturers one.
> I am very excited to learn all about this little gadget and get started to
> easier record keeping and such.
> Thanks so much for your help.
> Sarah :)


Enjoy!  I hear that Animas is coming out with an upgrade to it later this
summer.  My rep said I can have the upgrade when it's out, so ask yours.
I'm sure you'll love it, any questions you know where to ask!

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