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[IPp] Thank you for emergency syringe first suggestion!

I am not sure who suggested it, but I want to thank
you. Someone wrote that instead of correcting a high
BG with a bolus first, they always used syringe
first,since you know that will bring them down. Then
once it is down if it goes back up you know more than
likly you have lost the site.

Last night Megan was 95 at bedtime 10 o'clock, had to
snack to bring her up over 110(she was 116)so since I
raised her basal by .1 the other night to fight the

at 12 o'clock Megan woke up because her back was
hurting, I had her check her bg(thinking I won't have
to do the middle of the night one since she is
up,,wrong) she was 297. (didnt check ketones because
she went to the bathroom right before she tested her
Anyway, we did an emergency syringe, right off the
I checked her at 2:30 and she was 220.  And this
morning at 6 she was 160.  I would have been up all
night if I had done the emerg. bolus first.  Instead I
got about 6 hours since Jim gets her up to test at 6.



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