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Re: [IPp] high BGs and bolusing

>>>Could you send one over to my house
>>>sometime?  I can't get my
>>>husband to do squat.

Id like to second that order!  Theres a standing family joke that my
husband could sleep through a hurricane!  Hes great about helping during
the daytime hours, but nighttime falls to me.  Hes offered to take a turn
at night too, but it just never works out.  Im still the one who sets the
alarm/s and has to wake him up to do the b.g. check/s (because the alarm
doesnt even wake him!).  So by the time I can roll him out of bed, I could
already have our daughter checked and necessary corrections made.  But it
does lead to a lot of sleepless nights, this past weekend a prime example.
We had to do one of those middle-of-the night site changes because of a
crimped cannula.

Our children definitely go through a lot and are real troopers about the
whole thing.  But we parents also deserve a pat on the back for out
determination to do anything it takes (including going without sleep) to
keep our children both healthy and help them lead as normal a life as

Angela, proud mom to Ashley, 4 (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 20 mo.
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