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Re: [IPp] Testing in the Classroom

> I have finally gotten the approval for my son to test in the classroom, if
> the school and I can agree on the disposal of the testing strips, etc.
> are some of the ideas, or ways your kids dispose of the used strips in the
> classroom??
> Judy, mom to Jake(13), pumping since 8/01

Great Judy!   My son just sticks them in his BG meter pouch and then we
throw them out at home.  By the way, last year my son accidentily his lancet
dropped out during lunch without his realizing it.  Another boy picked it up
and was playing with it and pricked his finger.  Thought we were going to
have a problem with continued testing, but the parents weren't freaked out
and the school didn't panic over it.  But, just to be on the safe side, I
put a label on the lancet that says, " Medical Device, Do not Touch, Return
to Nurse".

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