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Re: [IPp] Cancer Link?

> Oooookay....so I'm reading the *massive* amount of information tha came
> our new pump & I get to *this* nice little warning:
> "These disposable products have been sterilized with ethylene oxide, a
> chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.  There
> as well as all ethylene oxide sterilized products may contain a very
> amount of ethylene oxide."
> So does this mean the part that will be in my son *continously* has been
> linked to cancer?  (of course, these days *everything* is...!) Does anyone
> know anything more about this?  How many cases have been attributed to
> wearing a pump utilizing this stuff?
> Yours, paranoidally,

The California Law  is that if a certain list of materials can be detected
AT ALL  - regardless of any effective level - you have to be warned about
them. Since analytical science is continually improving (and already detect
many of the items on the Calif. list at levels literally billions of time
lower than capable of causing any effect) many (most?) manufactures list the
material if there product has ever come in contact with it. The net result
is that the warning has become almost meaningless. In the case of ethylene
oxide. material is a reactive gas at normal pressure that is used
extensively to sterilize non-heat compatible products and to ripen tomatoes
and other fruits/vegetables. In addition to Ethylene oxide being a gas, it
slowly reacts with water. The result is that there is no meaningful level of
ethylene oxide remaining on or in products sterilized with it.

The answer to your question of "How many cases have been attributed ..." is

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