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[IPp] Keeping Records

When we went to Katie's last quarterly visit, our endo was for the first time 
really promoting Animas' EZ manager that runs on the palm pilot, then you 
download into your PC . . . While they think that it still needs tweaking 
(like the first few versions of any software) they saw two things to really 
recommend it to families (whether or not they were pumping):  (1) the 
convenience of the palm (and it's attractiveness to teens) helps get the data 
recorded (a real obstacle for some folks)  (2) The fact that it was so easy 
to get the data emailed to the doc . . .   the endo said that they found it 
to have been immensely helpful when parents have run into control problems 
and needs help trouble shooting to have them just email EZ Manager reports.  
Getting the data the clinic needs in a format that they are familar with 
makes it so much easier for them to be responsive and provide good advice, 
quickly makes everybody happy . . .

Just thought I'd pass that on .  .  .  After we get done with the move, Im 
going to have to inveest the time to set up the software and make the time to 
get going with EZ manager . . .

Pumpmama to Katie 
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