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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #130

In a message dated 7/20/2002 2:16:01 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> The idea of Jessy feeling as normal as possible, does NOT include having 
> to leave to go to the nurses office 2-3 times a day, missing classwork, 
> recess, and whatever else they can think of for her to miss.  

Cindy, Our school allows Jake to go to the cloak closet in his room to check 
his bg's. He keeps his machine and extra pump supplies in his backpack, so 
they are with him when he changes classes. He is 11 and going to the 6th 
grade, but has been carrying and checking his bg since 2nd grade. We got him 
an Ironman watch that allowed us to preset 8 alarm times that tell him when 
to check and that helped alot also. The teachers are so busy and subs dont 
have a clue, so it was better to get the watch to remind him to check than to 
depend on him or the teacher to remember. I teach at his school and if he 
needs help I'm there, but usually he handles everything. Last year in the 
spring he finally got the hang of setting a temp basal to half the usual 
during PE, and that helped stabilize everything much better, but we had only 
been pumping since Aug 30,2001. He likes being out of the others sight when 
checking in the closet and it keeps him from disturbing class too w/out 
missing much. Hope this helps. Trena (mom to Jake 11)
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