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[IPp] Re: Question: Keeping Records

From: "Mike Swaithes" <email @ redacted>
First let me say I'm glad you decided to stay.
Second, if you have Excel there are some good xls
available from
people on this list. Let us know if you have Excel 

Thank you, I am glad that I stayed, I realized I
needed you guys and I wasn't thinking clearly, I was
very frustrated--and you guys were not what I was
frustrated with.

As far as excel, I don't have it but Kelley--from this
list emailed me a copy of an excel worksheet that is
great, it was just what I needed, My works program let
me download it and I did some changes so it would fit
on one page. It is great, we do not record exactly
what Megan eats just the carbs--She is really good at
counting her carbs and fats.(We have had so many
problems in the past with her eating things she was
supposed to then one day she just realized--after a
lot of heart to heart talking that she was hurting her
self if she eats things she not supposed to--this was
after finding out that high blood sugar had done some
damage to her kidney and eyes--which have gotten
better) any way so that is why we don't write
everything down as far as everything she eats.

However, some one said that they had went overboard at
one time and was counting condiments like ketsup, mayo
etc.  Ketsup, was one of our biggest problems--Megan
was eating a ton of it--a book we had said it was a
free food--it took me 6 months to get Megan to realize
that ketsup is only a "free" food when you use 1
Tablespoon!  Now we count everything=it has helped.
Funny story about the ketsup--Megan was in the
hospital--different endo than she has now and her
mom's boyfriend was helping Megan with her "cache" of
ketsup packages(this was before Megan came to live
here) Anyway I had a fit when I saw a sack with about
150 catsup packages(Megan said Look what he brought me
that I can eat anytime)well I went home looked at the
bottle and saw the carbs and sugar asked the doctor
about it He said yeah catsup is a free food. Megan's
sugars did not go down until she first got the new
endo and 2nd started counting catsup carbs.


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