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[IPp] lettin loose

Sherri Lyn--

    I finally did it last night--I let my son stay at the neighbor's house,
about a block away, overnight.  Chris has had diabetes for 4 years, since he
was 3 years old.  He's been on the pump now about 19 months.  I have given him
glucagon twice for severe lows, both with seizures.  I know how you feel about
being "paranoid".  It is a terrible feeling to have inside that know one
accept another parent of a child with diabetes can understand.  Our kids seem
so normal but we know what can happen.
    But you know what?  It didn't happen.  My neighbors called me with his
snack time bg and his bg at 12m.  Both times he got insulin and my friends,
with very little training did just great.  Chris was 82 this morning and ready
for breakfast!  I am thankful that my husband convinced me to let him go.
Chris gave me a big kiss and hug this am!!!
    I bet someday you too will be ready--only you know when that day will be,
however.  Hang in there and try to enjoy everyday, one day at  a time.  Mary,
mother of Chris, age 7, pumping since 11/00
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