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Re: [IPp] Testing BG in school

> Dear Carol,
>   That's funny you should mention the news media.....last year we
>   almost had 
> to go to the local paper on other issues after my daughter had to be
> pulled out of school, only we were afraid of being sued.....long
> story.  Maybe I can find that reporter again if all else fails.
> Thank you again. Cindy

They can't get you for speaking the truth.

Tell the paper the superintendent refused to allow your child to test 
in the classroom. Tell them it is against the law to do this. Refer 
them to the fight of 6yo Katelyn, East Haddam Conn. for background. 
That reporter might be someone interesting to speak with as well. 
...... Gary Libow. Talk to Katelyn's parents.

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