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Re: [IPp] Cancer Link?

> Oooookay....so I'm reading the *massive* amount of information tha
> came with our new pump & I get to *this* nice little warning:
> "These disposable products have been sterilized with ethylene oxide,
> a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.  There
> products, as well as all ethylene oxide sterilized products may
> contain a very minimal amount of ethylene oxide."
> So does this mean the part that will be in my son *continously* has
> been linked to cancer?  (of course, these days *everything* is...!)
> Does anyone know anything more about this?  How many cases have been
> attributed to wearing a pump utilizing this stuff?

this is the "paranoia" warning that is on everything now. Remember, 
if you eat enough cranberries they will cause cancer too. They fed 
them to mice, something like 10,000 times what you'd eat in a life 
time, and determine that the mouse cancers were caused by something 
in the cranberries. The message??? don't eat a truckload of 
cranberries (particularly if sterilized with ethylene oxide, and 
don't bathe in ethylene oxide :-).

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