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RE: [IPp] Testing BG in school

Dear Allison,
  When Jessy was diagnosed in January, we went through some pretty tough 
fights, mostly involving the lack of attention the school nurse was giving 
to our daughter (another long story)  Bottom line, after pulling Jessy out 
of school temporarily, until we had a 504 plan in effect, they still would 
not allow me to let her check her sugars in the classroom.  We did have a 
child advocate.  We were permitted an aide to escort her to the nurses 
office and to basically be in charge of her over all care, unless of course, 
something bad happened to Jessy, then the nurse would have to step in.  At 
the time, I was told by the advocate to just drop the testing in the 
classroom issue because I got everything else that I wanted.  Well,now that 
the dust has settled and there is "change" in the air....new nurse...I want 
to pursue the testing in the classroom again, before the new 504 plan is 
written out.
Thank you so much for your input.

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>Subject: RE: [IPp] Testing BG in school
>Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 13:45:05 -0600
>I don't know if this is the same everywhere, but we had been told that the
>principle of the school that your child is in is a representative for the
>school district and therefore has the right to sign the 504 plan as that
>representative. Once the 504 plan (read contract) is signed, the district
>must obide by it.
>Also, most school districts have a person at the administration level that
>is the coordinator for 504s and IEP, sometimes their title has something to
>do with special education. I'm sure you could call the district and ask who
>this person is. I would then talk to them regarding the issue if the
>principle is feeling pressured by the superintendent.
>If this doesn't work, look for a parent advocate in your area. These are
>people who are trained to help parents of children with disabilities work
>with our wonderful public school, and it is no cost to you.
>I wouldn't jump the gun on involving other parents. It could turn out for
>the worse. Not all parents are thrilled about the idea of "blood" in the
>I hope everything works out for you. We have insisted that our son test in
>the classroom since dx (age 6), and have been successful so far, although 
>have had worse battles that we have had to fight with the school
>(injections, glucagon, discrimination).
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> > Dear All,
> >   You have all helped me before, now I find myself needing your
> > help again.
> > Jessy will be starting 3rd grade in the fall, and I have to get together
> > with the principle, teacher, nurse, etc. for the 504 plan and
> > pump training
> > (a trainer from minimed already said she would do it).  My
> > problem is that I
> > want Jessy to be able to test her blood sugars in the classroom.
> > We had a
> > LOT of problems last year with the school nurse not following proper
> > procedures, and although there will be a new nurse there this
> > year (the old
> > nurse resigned because she was given an ultimatum after a law suit was
> > brought on the school because of some other kid she harmed with
> > anti seizure
> > medicine), I feel that Jessy is old enough (8, almost 9) and responsible
> > enough to check her own blood sugars and go to the nurse only
> > when they are
> > out of range.
> >   The hospital has written a wonderful letter supporting me on
> > this issue,
> > and they, too, feel that it is in Jessy's best interest to check in the
> > classroom.  I have spoken with other parents on how they feel
> > about it, and
> > have only support from them.  The only wall I am running up
> > against is the
> > superintendant of the school, Mr. McCartney (or Mr. McJerkMe as we have
> > dubbed him after this past year).  I have sent Mr. McCartney everything
> > possible in support of this issue, including several cases where
> > the school
> > was sued for not allowing the child to test in the classroom.  I
> > have spoken
> > with people from the American Diabetes Association.  I am running out of
> > room to breath on this issue.  I need advice.  How the #*@% do I
> > knock down
> > this iron wall without the expense of a lawyer?  I have thought about
> > getting parents to sign a petition, saying that they don't mind
> > having Jessy
> > check her blood sugars in the classroom, but I honestly don't
> > know if I am
> > up to the job of tracking everyone down to get signatures.  It is a huge
> > school and there are 4 3rd grades, we are new to the area (moved
> > last year)
> > and I still don't know everyone.  I truely want this squared
> > away, without
> > embarasing Jessy, before the start of the new school year.
> >   The idea of Jessy feeling as normal as possible, does NOT
> > include having
> > to leave to go to the nurses office 2-3 times a day, missing classwork,
> > recess, and whatever else they can think of for her to miss.
> > Last year was
> > a horror, I want to start this year off on the right foot.
> > Thank you once again in advance for all of the support, comments
> > and wisdom
> > that I know you will all send to me.  You are all wonderful.
> > Cindy....mom to Jessy dx 1/02 pumping since 6/02, Julie (3) non-diab. 
> > Trevor (1) non-diab.
> >
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