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Re: [IPp] takin g turns for night shifts

I think doing this is awesome and I have reason to know why. My daughter met
another young lady through the IP list and they became friends. After
several months, my daughter went to stay with her over night.This is about a
40 minute  drive from me. That family have 2 children and both are
diabetic.One pumps and the other did pump but went back to doing needles.
Patricia has been there several times and they are a wonderful family. Next
weekend we are driving this girl and her Mom to the diabetic camp.The girl
has never been to camp before she met Patricia and is now ready and eager to
I also went to visit another family in another province a couple years
ago.Their son was diabetic and did not want people to know. I took my then 9
yr old and we stayed at their beach house for a couple days together with
that family. Now that boy is pumping, sharing and looking ahead..

So I say if the chance happens, and you feel good and safe about it, run
with it and enjoy.

Jana in Nova Scotia Canada
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