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Re: [IPp] Disastrous pump failure (LONG) WAS RE: Disetronic President

Dear Allison,
  I am so sorry you had to go through that.  I bet it will be a long time 
before you want to go to a lake again.

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>Subject: [IPp] Disastrous pump failure (LONG) WAS RE: Disetronic President
>Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 07:55:33 -0600
>In June we went to Lake Powell for five days. Tarek uses a DTron which is
>supposed to be watertight for 30 minutes of surface swimming. He usually
>doesn't take the pump in the water when he goes swimming because there 
>a place to put it. Well he got a new swimsuit that has pockets. The kids
>were spending every waking moment in the water, and Tarek was staying
>disconnected and getting out to check his BG and bolus every so often. Well
>on Saturday, after lunch, Tarek went into the water and forgot that he was
>wearing his pump. We had hooked him up before lunch and he had put the pump
>in his pocket. Within less than 30 seconds he was out of the water 
>at me that his pump was erroring. It had an E7 (Electrical Failure). I had
>to get the manual out (good thing I took it with us) to find out what to 
>The manual said to try replacing the battery and if that didn't work to 
>I took the battery out and the battery compartment had water in it. Not a
>good thing. I dried out the compartment, and then let the pump sit with the
>compartment upside down to air dry while Tarek went swimming. Later than
>afternoon I put in a new battery and the pump was working fine.
>Sunday morning we all decided to go for a swim. We got ready to go and we
>all started walking into the lake from the shore. We hadn't even really
>gotten wet when Tarek got really upset and ran out of the lake yelling. I
>knew immediately that he forgot to take off his pump (I forgot to remind
>him). Another electrical failure. I immediately took out the battery, more
>water in the battery compartment. This time no amount of drying helped. The
>pump did not recover.
>The thing is both times Tarek was in the water less than a minute. 
>not the 30 minutes that the pump is rated for.
>The worst of it was though that we had to go back on shots for the rest of
>our vacation. We had brought UltraLente with us and gave Tarek an injection
>Sunday night. However, once his pump failed his BGs soared and we couldn't
>keep them down all day Sunday and by Sunday night he had ketones. We were 
>all night Sunday night giving him injections of Novolog, but were worried
>that the UltraLente was going to kick in, so we were up testing him every
>hour too. (The UltraLente didn't kick in).
>By early Monday morning (and I mean early) Tarek was vomiting. He hadn't
>eaten much the night before because he was feeling nauseous. With the
>vomiting he started to become dehydrated. He continued vomiting all 
>The one thing I didn't take with us was any Phenergan. I would try to get
>him to sip some decarbondated (is that a word) coke, but it would just come
>back up. At one point in the morning, he seemed to keep some down, so I 
>him an injection of Novolog. Plus I had given him the UltraLente earlier.
>But it seems like as soon as I gave him the Novolog he vomited again.
>I started checking his BG every hour and it was steady with the meter
>reading 'HI'. Then suddenly the UltraLente decided to kick in, combined 
>the Novolog and his BG dropped fast. In less than two hours he went from
>'HI' to 50. We were out on the lake and really started to get worried.
>Tarek started falling asleep, NOT a good sign. I checked him again and he
>was 45. DH started rubbing glucose gel in his cheek and my FIL started the
>boat up and started heading for the marina. It took almost an hour to get 
>the marina. Tarek was "asleep" except when he would suddenly bolt up and
>vomit. DH was rubbing gel in his cheek. FIL was trying to get the boat
>docked and talk on the CB to get an ambulance down to the marina. We sat at
>the dock waiting for the ambulance which didn't seem to be coming. DH's
>cousin volunteered to go get her car and take him to the ER Clinic and
>finally the ambulance shows up. They (moron EMTs) didn't bring the carrier
>down to the marina, so were going to have to go back up and get it. (You
>can't drive a car down to the docks, it's a good 50 yards or more from the
>dock up (and I mean up) to the parking lot. So DH grabbed Tarek and carried
>him up the hill. Not easy to carry a 10 year old, let alone one that isn't
>awake. The ambulance takes us to the ER Clinic (there is no hospital for
>over 100 miles), and the EMT fumbles in the ambulance to take Tarek blood
>pressure (like that's going to help) and couldn't even accomplish that.
>Thankfully the clinic isn't that far away from the marina, less than a 
>Then when we get to the clinic, it seems to take them FOREVER to hook Tarek
>up to a dextrose iv. They just let him lay there while they all stick their
>thumbs up their ass. I'm pacing and about to go postal on them. What seems
>like 20 minutes after we got to the clinic, they finally hook up an iv and
>get the dextrose drip going. Well Tarek is still vomiting, so they put a
>liquid Phenergan (hadn't seen that before) into the iv line. He's really 
>of it now, except his body start shaking and his muscles spasming because 
>was so dehydrated, and the iv is giving him back the fluids and potassium.
>I'm not freaking on the outside, but I was on the inside. It's killing my
>guts just remembering it. I keep checking Tarek's BG.
>The dumb ass EMT comes over and starts taking Tarek's vitals, because he
>couldn't do it in the ambulance. Seems a little late to me.
>Well, Tarek finally slows down on the vomiting, which really was just dry
>heaves. And his BG starts to climb. In fact, I ended up having to give him
>an injection of Novolog. I ask the nurse to change his iv bag from the
>dextrose to just saline because his BG was heading up above 300 again.
>Then they wanted a ketone test. I wish I had brought our ketone meter, but 
>thought the urine strips would be easier to deal with on vacation on a 
>They were, but what happened next made me wish. Tarek was out of it because
>of the Phenergan, I mean out. We practically had to carry him to the
>bathroom. Then when I told him to pee in the cup, he started peeing all
>right. ALL OVER THE BATHROOOM. He couldn't stand straight so he peed all
>over the toilet and the floor and the bathtub, and I swear he hit the
>ceiling. Arrrgghhh! So I get a LITTLE bit of pee in the cup and then put
>Tarek in the tub and cleaned him off and got him back to the bed, then had
>to go clean the bathroom. At this point I was just laughing. I mean, what
>else could happen and it was just getting funny.
>He still had extra large ketones, but wasn't vomiting anymore. We stayed in
>the clinic for a little over 3 hours and they deemed him "able to travel." 
>didn't think we were ready to leave but things did seem more controlled so
>we agreed to leave and head to my father's house which is about half way to
>our house about 5 hours from Lake Powell.
>We got loaded up, got Tarek comfortable. He was still out from the
>Phenegran. Got a bucket for the car, just in case, and hit the road.
>I turned on the cell phone and as soon as I got a signal I called our endo
>to get a prescription of Phenegran called into the pharmacy near my Dad.
>Everything kind of seemed to calm down after that. The drive to my Dad's 
>a long one because I was SO tired. Tarek was feeling better and finally 
>up when we got to town.
>Then I did the most dumb ass thing. Tarek was starving and it was late. We
>hadn't eaten dinner either. So we stopped to get something to eat. I wasn't
>thinking. I let Tarek order some food and we went to my Dad's house. We all
>ate and then started bathing (5 days on a lake, we all needed it!!!). Tarek
>got ready for bed and then DH got cleaned up and I was out talking to my
>Dad. Next thing I know DH is screaming at me and Tarek is crying. I walk
>into the bathroom and just about die. Literally! There was vomit 
>I kid you not. The only part of that bathroom that didn't have vomit was 
>inside of the toilet!!!! It was on the floor, in the tub, on the counter, 
>the walls, in the closed drawers, on the door, it was more than I had ever
>All I wanted to do was fall to the floor and ball! And I almost did. But I
>asked my Dad for some cleaning supplies and spent the next 2 hours cleaning
>the bathroom. Can you believe I still didn't lose it. It was so disgusting.
>I should have just gotten him some chicken broth. I don't make good
>decisions when I'm tired.
>Finally around 1 AM I got to get in the shower and clean up and get to bed.
>Didn't sleep all night even though I was exhausted.
>The next day I called Disetronic to get a replacement pump sent to our
>house. I talked to the director of regulatory affairs, big mistake. He
>implied that the pump failure was OUR fault. I guess being in the position
>he is in, it doesn't look good to have their pump fail under conditions
>under which it is supposed to work. I didn't have the energy or the mind 
>to argue with him and just asked for a new pump.
>Tarek's BG's were better. He woke up with extra large ketones (still), but
>by lunch time, they were all but gone. So we ate lunch, then we packed up
>and headed home.
>Aren't you sorry you asked? :)
>Mom to Tarek, age 10, IDDM, dx 11-16-1998
>Pumping DTron since 1-12-2001
>Denver, Colorado
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