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Re: [IPp] high BGs and bolusing

> Wow, you guys have hit a nerve with that one tonight.  2:30 am and she is
> 477, an hour ago 463, 2 hours ago 493, etc, etc....I have given her a shot
> and we are changing the site as soon as the emla cream kicks in just to be
> on the safe side.  And boy am I exhausted!  I know you are all aware of
> where I am coming from.  Tonight she ate a lot, bolused every time she
> and bolused corectly each time, it was just a lot in a small period of
>   Carol, you are probobly right about the insulin taking more time because
> of all that she ate, it never dawned on me that this could happen.  Now I
> worried that she will go low.God I hate this @#$%%^& disease!
> Cindy


It's 12:30 here and I'm right with you, sister!  Devin was 118 at 9pm, then
had ice cream (we bolused), then some Nacho chips (we bolused), checked him
at 12 and he's @#%%^ 342.  Again, we bolused and now lucky me I get to stay
up and check again.  Before dx I used to get plenty of sleep.  I don't know
how I keep going on so little, but I do!
My son won't let anyone, but him change the site.  So if a site change is
needed at night - forget it - I have to give him a shot or two and wait till
morning.  I wish there was a perminate shunt that you could place in his
abdomen, so no site changes would be needed- ever.   Or FIND THE CURE!
Tired MOM to Devin (14)
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