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Re: [IPp] almost trip to the ER

      Just a thought: Melissa almost NEVER boluses from her pump if she's 
very high..takes a shot from her pen "just in case" there IS a problem with 
the pump & she's not in an ideal situation to change out the site. Second 
thought: was Eve drinking water when she was that high? We've found (YMMV) 
that consuming as much water as she possibly can helps to bring Melissa down 
from those stubborn highs. When I asked her CDE why her bgs might not budge 
for 60-90 minutes & then suddenly drop over 150 pts in the next hour, he 
explained that initially there's a "war" going on between the bgs which want 
to continue climbing & the insulin that's "trying" to offset that 
climb...ergo, for the initial period, it's sort of a "stand-off" & the fact 
that she stays the SAME is about as good as it gets at that point...
Renee ( who empathizes with you counting the minutes until she returns.....I 
felt the same getting Melissa home for the summer from college!!...and unless 
there's a cure before then, I expect to feel the same some day when she's a 
mom & comes to visit with the grandkids! LOL)
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