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Re: [IPp] B.G. readings

Hi Angela!
I called Lifescan a few months ago with a similar situation.  In our case, 
we were noticing variances of to 40-60 points on our OT Ultra when Jeremy 
did 2 consecutive blood checks.  I told them this could cause us to give too 
much insulin, or not treat a low that is really happening.  They listened to 
my complaint and told me this:

*2 consecutive readings on the same meter can vary up to 20%, and that is an 
acceptable variance that the FDA will allow on meters.  I told them that is 
not an acceptable range, for me to continue having confidence in the 
accuracy of their meter and to continue using it.

*They recommended NOT using the same finger for 2 consecutive readings 
(Jeremy used to always do this).  Something about more red blood cells in 
the first pop, so you get a more accurate reading from the frist reading on 
that finger.  Jeremy made this change, and we noticed an improvement in the 
variance, but there is still a variance. (We change fingers when we get an 
error message the first time, too).

*They sent me documentation discussing the reasons for variances in blood 

*They did replace the meter, although my CS rep did not really offer to.  
After listenting to the rep, I told them that I needed a new meter because I 
did not trust the accuracy of the one I had.  They asked that I send back 
the old meter at their expense, which I gladly did.

I recommend calling Lifescan to let them know of your concern with this.  
Perhaps if more of us call who experience this, they might be able to do 
something to improve the meter in some way.

I wonder if people who do not use the OT Ultra have a similar problem with 
their meters?

I hope this helped,
mom to Jeremy, 8, pumping 6/02

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