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[IPp] almost trip to the ER

Hi All,

Went to bed last at 10:30p.m. and couldn't sleep, I was tired, but couldn't
sleep so just laid in bed, my husband was still up watching TV. WELL....at
11:50p.m. last night we received a phone call. As you all remember Eve(15)
is at Girl Scout camp in Northern WI. It was the camp nurse and she was on
her cell phone and she was on her way to the hospital with Eve. Ok...let's
back up a moment here. I only got details from my husband and I guess he
only got sketchy details from the nurse.

Ok, here goes. Eve checked herself sometime about 10:30 and she was high,
like 550. Eve gave herself 10 units of insulin, she could have given herself
more b/c she gets insulin resistant when she is that high. She than checked
at 11:30 to see if she was coming down. Nope, she was now 600 so she went to
the nurse b/c she was higher and I think to call us and the nurse called the
nearest hospital. The hospital said to bring her in to the ER. On the way to
the hospital the nurse decided to call us on her cell phone. My husband told
the camp nurse that this happens all the time to Eve. Eve has a habit of
forgetting to bolus for meals. Or this could have been a rebound, she
sometimes will rebound to 600. Then the cell phone cuts out. GREAT!!

The camp nurse calls back and my husband told her that sometimes it takes a
while for Eve to come back down. This just happened when she was in ND about
3 weeks ago. When she was in ND, she gave herself another bolus and then she
crashed later with a low. My husband told the camp nurse since it has been
1/2 hour since she last checked, if she had her meter with her, to check in
the car. Sure enough, she was down to 254. The camp nurse turned the car
around and headed back to camp. He also told the camp nurse to have Eve
check again in 1/2 hour to make sure she doesn't go to low. I don't know
what she was later, she must have been fine b/c she didn't call with that
number. Of course, Eve didn't check for ketone.

I'm soooo happy Eve is coming home from camp today. She's riding the bus
from camp and I pick her up at 5:30 this evening.

Maybe this is why I packed 150 test strips for 12 days.

Deborah mom to Eve 15, and her pump Zoe
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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