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[IPp] B.G. readings

I was wondering if anyone out there has had a problem with getting a correct
b.g. reading when b.g. is high.  We use the One-Touch Ultra, which I really
do like, but we seem to have trouble getting accurate readings when my
daughters sugar is high (lows and in-range seem to be correct).  For
example, yesterday mid-morning her sitter got a 360 reading.  She tested
again, same finger, and got a reading of 280.  Eighty points difference is
very significant in her correction bolus, since she is young and has a
larger factor.  Anytime she is high, we test a second time and use the lower
number.  Weve had many lows after a correction before we figured this out.
I thought it was her factor itself, before we started testing a second time.
Every time there is a 60  100 point difference in her readings.

I should mention that Ive tested the meter with the test solution and it
was fine. We also always wash her hands before testing.  Is it normal for it
to vary this much when high?  Or is it the meter or something else we are
doing wrong?  Any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Angela, mom to Ashley, 4 (dxd 1/01) & Kristina, 20 mo.
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