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Re: [IPp] Adhesive allergy?

> I could use some advice.  Our son Jonathan, dx dm 08/00, pumping
> since 03/02 uses the silhouette infusion with the MimiMed 508.  We
> really like the pump.  Our problem is that he has this awful
> reaction to the adhesives.  I've narrowed it down to the Silhouette
> itself but of course, that still leaves us wondering if it is the
> adhesive itself or the entire set.  I talked to Medtronic and they
> sent some samples of other adhesive pads and some different tapes,
> all of which he seems sensitive to.  We also have been using
> Tincture of Benzoine (Friars Balsam, some of you call it Gorilla
> Snot) which holds up well in lake water, but not so well in a
> chlorinated pool.  Between scratching and no tapes his infusion
> falls out almost every day.  He is in swimming lessons although due
> to this trouble we've kept him home for two sessions now.
> Does anyone have any kind of solution to this kind of problem? 
> Anyone with ultra sensitive skin out there?  We're giving Jon oral
> antihistamine (Benadryl) and trying various creams to heal his
> stomach, which is all rashy from old sites.  He seems to be getting
> thickened skin already.
> Suggestions?  Ideas?

Hi Susan,

Experiment with the barrier wipe/creams and all the tapes until you 
find one that does not bother his skin. The use it under the set to 
protect him from the adhesive. Some of the barrier wipes/creams can 
replace the gorilla snot entirely. You will have to experiment with 
that as well.

Creams, spray, adhesive stuff

Mastisol - available as pads and liquid -- buy the liquid, it is
expensive, but a single bottle will last up to a year or more made by
Ferndale Laboratories, Inc, Ferndale, Michigan. 1-888-548-0900 is
their toll free number www.ferndalelabs.com . 
Compound Tincture of Benzoin -- spray and liquid  by York Pharmacal
Brookfield, MO 64628. Used by athletes to keep tape wraps on sweaty
legs, feet, etc.... available at many pharmacies . 
Hollister 7730 spray adhesive . 
Skin-Bond (Smith &
Nephew) . 
Skin-Tac-H . 
Elastoplast .
Cavilon Cream made by 3M (1-800-2283957) product
number is 3392 Durable Barrier Cream.

Barrier wipes:
AllKare Protective Barrier -- Convatec NDC 0003-0374-44   order no.
37444 IV-Prep -- Smith & Nephew

Bard Protective Barrier  Film, -- liquid and wipes
Catalog # 740013
made by  C.R. Bard Inc.
Murray Hill NJ 07974

Tapes and tape patches:
Hypafix like a cotton bandaid
3m Micropore
Kendall Polyskin II
Smith & Nephew "Opsite #4575"
various paper tapes available at pharmacies

Hope this helps,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
email @ redacted
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