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[IPp] Re: Disentronic President

In reply to these, first of all I am not saying what
Disentronic was right, but I will say that it is
common practice to not give out the name of top level
exec.  I worked many years for a durable medical
equipment company, we were told to try to protect our
upper executives time as much as possible.  There are
certain types of people that will call and cause
trouble time after time after time.(YOU are not that
type of person)however, that is the reason that the
upper level is protected as much as possible.  If I
had been in the position of the lady that you talked
to I problably would have told you that at the
president's request we did not give his name out,
however, if you would tell me your complaint, I would
take it down and make sure that he know you had made
the complaint, and that either he or I would get back
with you to address the complaint.  obviously, the
company is not handling there complaints in a proper
way, which if the are JACO certified they are supposed
to have a method that is acceptible to JACO to have
gotten certified.  

You may want to see what certifications there are and
go from there.  Or you could call back and suggest
that she address the complaint in the way that I
described!  Also, if this company is a Medicare
provider they also should have an adopted method of
handling such complaints.

Although Megan is also on a Disetronic I am not sure
of there certifications.

Hope this helps some!


When I called Disetronic yesterday to ask for the 
president's name, I talked
to his admin who nearly denied me his name.
She demanded to know who I was, what the letter was
and told me that
they "just don't give the president's name out to 
everybody." In the end,
she gave him is LAST name, but refused to give me his

I was appalled. Besides it being a public company, and
information is
NOT protected. We are customers and that kind of
is ridiculous.

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