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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #126

Hi, POP-

My 4 year old daughter, Madison started pumping with her Paradigm clear pump,
"Silver" on Monday.  The insertion went great.  The CDE was very impressed.
She was talkative and darling with the staff, etc.

She did want to come home and take it off but I said she couldn't.  She didn't
balk much at all.

Her 10 year old brother is on a 508.  When he had to have an insertion last
night she cried because she wanted an insertion too so she could show him how
brave she is!!

We are on .1 basal and haven't really figured out where we will be going with
that.  But  having 15 months pumping experience behind me sure helps!!   This
group has been a godsend for getting Morgan and myself adjusted to the pump.

My Doctor and CDE were pretty clueless about diluting the insulin.  We will
wait and see how things go with the U100 Novolog.  Thanks to those of you who
have replied to me about diluting.  It helps me know there is an option if we
have control problems.

Take care - Sybil Fisher  - Mom to Madison -4 Morgan -10 Also- Matt, Dianna
and Pipa (non-diabetics)
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