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[IPp] What quantity/frequency does your insurance allow?

A couple days a go, when I went to order pump supplies for Katie, I asked the 
rep at Animas to try an put through an order sufficient to cover supplies for 
six months instead of usual three months supply I had been ordering (Katie's 
been pumping for a year).  The gal seemed a bit dubious that the insurance 
company would go for it, but agreed to give it a try when I said that if it 
didn't work it was no problem to just goa ahead an do the usual amount . . . 
I was just getting ready to call to see if the insurance company was balking 
at the idea, when a big box showed up on our door step today.  I'm a happy 
camper.  Ordering every six months will be a lot less hassle for me .  .  . 
now if I could just get them to let me get six months supply of test strips 
and insulin at a time.  If they're worried that Katie will be cured in before 
the end of six months, believe me I'd be happy to sign something promising to 
pay them back for any unneeded test strips!  . . . Anyways, I was wondering, 
was this six month supply order a fluke, or do other folks get to do this 

Curious Lyndy
Pumpmama to Katie 
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