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[IPp] glad to be here

I second that, Carol!  Jeremy is doing really well on his pump, thanks to 
all of the great people on here and all of the opinions/approaches to 

Luckily, a good friend on this list -- and you know who you are ;) -- 
referred me here MONTHS before we started pumping.  I learned SO MUCH from 
everyone here regarding the different pumps, products, etc.  I would have 
been a total basket-case (instead of the partial one I usually am) if I 
didn't read and learn from everyone.  I sift out what I know doesn't apply 
to us.  I choose to apply what I think might work for us.  I just have to 
remember that no one knows my child better than I do, no matter what is 
written around here.

It makes me sad to think that anyone should feel the need to leave the list. 
  I hope that person (Wendy?) reconsiders.

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, 8, pumping 6/02

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From: "Carol Mulligan" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: Re: [IPp] Re: middle of the night checks
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2002 18:14:35 -0700

 > In a message dated 7/14/02 6:40:43 PM Central Daylight Time,
 > email @ redacted writes:
 > > Thanks but no thanks for the "help"
 > >
 > >
 > I am so sorry that you feel you need to leave. For the most part we are
 > medical people here. Just folks trying to find our way dealing with
 > It is a very individual disease requiring individual care programs. We 
 > want the best diabetes care we can manage and are sometimes *passionate*
 > our quest for the best control and since we can never get perfect control
 > search for the newest and best. The ideas you read here are individual
 > opinion to be assessed to see if it is something we can use....I have 
 > around diabetes 47 years (my daughter for 5) and I still find there are
 > things to learn. What I hear here today may not be relevant to me until
 > from now or it may be something I have dealt with and will offer my
 > solutions. Medical decisions must be made with your diabetes team but we
 > gain information  and learn questions to ask here. I know you strive for
 > best for your child and only you can make the decisions, all we can offer
 > our perspective based on limited information of your situation.
 > We are all in this struggle together. I hope you reconsider.
 > Beverly


I so agree!  As far as pushing products and advice:  No way do I feel that
that is happening.  I, for one, appreciate the fact that we can all bounce
opinions, ideas, and suggestions off each other.  Being new to pumping, just
since May, this place and all of you have been a godsend.  Of course, my 17
yr old non-diabetic daughter thinks I'm a little boncers for spending my
time talking to people I don't "know" about diabetes all the time.  Frankly,
I think all of you and this forum are the only thing keeping me "sane"
through all of this.  So, Thanks to all!!

Mom to Devin, dx 4/01, puming since 5/02
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