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[IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #125

I read with interest all the debate over middle of the night checks.  I see
such passion on both sides.  despite whatever side I am on I value all the
opinions that I have read.  I have learned much from this list and love to
come here a couple times a week and read what is going on.  I wouldn't have
switched my son to novolog if it hadn't been for items I read here and it is
really working.
Each parent here is doing the best they can for their child or they wouldn't
bother to be here.  Knowledge is crucial to this disease.  Until there is a
cure I will continue to monitor my son's bg's frequently, read the journals,
listen to the discussions here and pray that everything that we do for Chris
is done with love and understanding allowing him to be "Chris" everyday !
Thanks, parents out there, for coming here,  to discuss our children.  Mary,
mom to Chris, age 7, pumping since 11/00.
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