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Re: [IPp] : middle of the night check debate

> Isn't the fact that you check your
> child every night  teaching him that this disease is uncontrollable and 
> Mom can't even sleep through the night without checking, without
> "overchecking".?  I check my son when my instinct tells me I should, only
> once in a great while.

> Actually, I totally disagree with you...I think if anything it would teach 
> child to be  more responsible with regard to his disease, especially when 
> have  a child that would sleep through any high or low (like my son).   
> Diabetes is unpredictable no matter who the person is.  Do you not test 
> hroughout the day or do you rely on your instincts for those times as 

I believe it is debates such as this, where we as parents take to the 
"defense" when we read something that we do not agree with.
To each his own....
Everyone has their own opinions, everyone has a different child. And 
honestly, by now for you veteran parents out there who have children who have 
battled this disease since they were babies, toddlers...you especially should 
know that Diabetes affects each child differently.  No two children are on 
the same regimen for this disease....not even twins who both have Diabetes. 
So..in short, what works for one, may or may not work for another.
As for me, what this list has brought to me is a new world of information...a 
world of support....not all of  the information I agree on, and so, when I 
don't, I don't type things in anger because I don't agree with something 
another parent wrote. I read it....and read on.
I value each and every one of your opinions out there, but lets also remember 
we are in the same boat, and at the rate that children are being diagnosed, 
we really need to "squeeze" in so that everyone fits and feels comfortable.

>  am so very very lucky I have a son to check on in 
>the middle of the night.

And I also know for a fact, and from reading all of the passionate emails on 
this list, that all of us feel this way about our children!!!

Thanks for everything!  :)
Mom to Matthew 5yrs old...Paradigm Pumper and to Victoria 7yrs old, non-d
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