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Re: [IPp] : email @ redacted

In a message dated 7/15/2002 10:40:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Isn't the fact that you check your
> child every night  teaching him that this disease is uncontrollable and that
> Mom can't even sleep through the night without checking, without
> "overchecking".?  I check my son when my instinct tells me I should, only
> once in a great while.

Actually, I totally disagree with you...I think if anything it would teach a 
child to be  more responsible with regard to his disease, especially when you 
have  a child that would sleep through any high or low (like my son).   
Diabetes is unpredictable no matter who the person is.  Do you not test 
throughout the day or do you rely on your instincts for those times as well?? 
 Unfortunately diabetes isnt a disease of convenience nor is it a disease 
that should go by "instinct" only.  My son was diagnosed at 2 and I thank god 
I didn't rely on my "instinct" as to whether or not to check my son for the 
past 5 years.  Sure there are times he was right on the money but boy there 
were also times he was low or high... I am not bothered by checking my son in 
the middle of the night, I am so very very lucky I have a son to check on in 
the middle of the night.
Mom to Tylar age 7, dignosed at 2, pumping at 5
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