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Isn't the whole purpose of being parents to let our kids be as "normal" with
this terrible disease as possible?   Isn't the fact that you check your
child every night  teaching him that this disease is uncontrollable and that
Mom can't even sleep through the night without checking, without
"overchecking".?  I check my son when my instinct tells me I should, only
once in a great while.  I check him at his bedtime and then about 2 hours
later at my bedtime.  I usually under bolus him at snack so that I can
correct him at my bedtime, which is alot easier than trying to wake him from
a low.  He almost always wakes up right in range and feels great, and I have
slept all night.  Important for both of us.  Please, rethink your "never"
that I have seen lately  on this page and try to remember that diabetes is
only a part of your child's life and not his whole life.  Don't make
diabetes the center of everything==your child deserves that.  Mary, mother
of Chris, pumping since 11/00, age 7.
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