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Re: [IPp] Buffet Meals & Growth Spurts

In a message dated 7/15/2002 6:27:30 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> So...two questions.  # 1 how and when to use the dual or square wave   and 
>  2 when your child goes thru a growth spurt, how long does it affect the 
> blood 
>  sugars?

#1 -- Katie's been pumping for over a year now and we still don't use any 
"designer boluses" . . . she just doesn't seem to have any delayed digestion 
issues, not from diabetes and not even from the usual high fat food culprits 
like pizza & Chinese (and believe me, I've watched for it) . . . I know there 
are lots of folks here who will be able to help you with this, though.  

How we get through buffets is each time she gets a plate we both eyeball it 
and jot down a carb count estimate (we're both getting pretty good at this by 
now)  when she's done with the plate we then adjust the estimate by deducting 
for anything she didn't eat and bolus for that.  Since she doesn't like any 
of the foods on her plate to touch, this means she often goes back 4-5 times 
and brings sparsely loaded plates -- but it actually makes it easier as far 
as carb counting goes.  We then check her BGs about an hour and a half after 
the last bolus, and corrective if necessary.   In a way this kind of works 
out like a designer bolus, I guess . . . We do the same thing for restaurant 
meals (non-buffet):  bolus for the bread, bolus for the dressing on the 
salad, bolus for the meal, bolus for dessert (if she has it).  Works for us . 
. .

#2 -- I've found that growth spurts affect Katie in two ways:  eating and 
night time hormones.  Usually, she suddenly becomes a much bigger eater for 
anywhere from 2-6 weeks (just one more reason we love the pump!).  The 
overnight hormone-induced insulin resistence stuff that usually is a midnight 
to 3-5 am sort of thing has lasted anywhere from 4-9 days and usually is 5 or 
6 days.

Pumpmama to Katie
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