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[IPp] Buffet Meals & Growth Spurts

Ok, I am new to all of this with the dual wave or square wave features of our 
pump. We pump using the paradigm, and when I asked our Endo when and how to 
use those features, she said that it was too soon to learn. However, now that 
I have the rest of pumping down pat...I want to learn.  My ex husband does 
take my children to buffet style restaurants often, and for him, he has a 
hard time eyeing the foods and how many carbs he thinks will be in them.  
Since being divorced and having the kids with me 24/7...I have been able to 
learn more and absorb more, than he has.  Recently he took them to a buffet 
restaurant..one that offers a huge variety of deserts, and a few hrs later my 
son was high in the 300's. Now I am not sure if that was from the food, or 
from a growth spurt since for about five days now he has been high starting 
at 9pm until about 12am....and after changing basals have seen little 
So...two questions.  # 1 how and when to use the dual or square wave   and # 
2 when your child goes thru a growth spurt, how long does it affect the blood 

Thanks a bunch.
Mom to Matthew 5yrs old...Paradigm Pumper and to Victoria 7yrs old, non-d
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