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[IPp] Re: middle of the night checks

email @ redacted wrote "obvoliously your daughter has
not hit puberty".  

Just wanted to address this.  Yes, I do beleive that
she has hit puberty, since she began menustrating for
the first time last month.

And in case, all of you that read my post about my
asking her endo about the middle of the night checks,
think I don't ever check, you are very wrong.

I check when her activity, etc warrent it, obviously
all children are different and I may have been wrong
to assume anything and write the email that I did.

I was up most of the night last night after going for
2 days without even laying down to sleep(some of this
is health problems that I have) Megan was too high
last night and we kept trying to get her down.  We did
evenually at 4:30 but it was because of pinch in the

I beleive that some here are not who they pretend to
be and I will be unsubcribeing from this due to this.
One week it is some one pushing novalog and the next
the glucowatch.  I had come here thinking that I could
find some help instead, I have been made to fill that
I am mistreating Megan.  (Don't worry you guys got
thru and Since I am an anxious person anyway I am
doing checks thru the night--enough so that I can't
sleep at all)

Megan has a very sluggish metabolism, and that may be
why she does well at night, also because of past
problems she is very, very careful in counting
carbs(which she did 2 years prior to being put on the

Thanks but no thanks for the "help"



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