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[IPp] We're back

We're back from our trip.  I just have to say that the pump is WONDERFUL.  
The lowest number that we had all week was 67.  That is amazing in my book.  
We had some highs.  Never any ketones.  The highs were mainly errors on our 
part.  We went swimming a few times.  Right before we left we got a package 
from a lady at Animas.  She sent us a bottle of Skin-tac H that worked really 
well keeping Jacob's sight on.  On friday our meter quit working.  Luckily I 
brought an extra meter (a precision xtra).  I called Lifescan about the 
meter.  They thought that something maybe got into the part where we put the 
strip because no strips were turning on the meter.  They sent us a new one 
that was here when we arrived home.  They also sent us 50 strips for our 
troubles.  Then the lady at lifescan called and said that she messed up on 
the shipping and accidently sent us 2 meters (one overnight and one 2-3 day 
shipping).  She said that since the meter has to deal with blood if they take 
it back they have to destroy it so we should just keep it.  There are 
supposed to be 50 free strips with that meter as well.  That is fine with me 
:o).  In all our trip was very interesting but great in the D department.  
Hope you all had a great week.

Jacob (5, dx'd 3-99, pumping 6-26-02) and
Hunter (2 in 8 days)
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