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[IPp] Update on my ex

I decided, and everyone here confirmed, that the kids need to see their dad.  
So I called my ex- MIL.  She was sobbing on the phone that she doesn't want 
their last memory of him to be like this.  Now I'm back to square one.  
Should I give it a day to see if he improves?  I did find out that all this 
started Monday.  His parents took him to the ER because he was incoherent.  
While they were getting him hooked up to IV's etc he went into cardiac 
arrest, hence the vent.  She said they told them on Monday the prognosis was 
poor but he seems to be doing a little better.  I just don't know.  I REALLY 
don't want to deprive them of seeing their father, but my ex-MIL is sooo 
upset and kind of begged me not to bring them.  This sucks.  Thanks for all 
the support.

Kelly, Mom of Jillian 12(dx'd Feb 2001), Patrick 10 and Erin 2 
Happily married to Steve
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